To select the Senior and Junior winners , and to determine the Top 10 entries overall,  the IAA Vic will recruit a minimum of 5 judges from its members.

The final selection will be made by the IAA Vic President.

The judges and IAA Vic President are prohibited from entering the contest or evaluating entries from any organization at which they are employed.

All decisions of the judges will be final.

The Junior prize is only available to entrants born on or after Dec 6th, 1995.

Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged on these criteria: 

  • Innovation (50% of score) -- What makes the product novel? Does it represent an important advance over current state of the art?

  • Manufacturability (25%) -- How easy would it be to implement? Can it be cost-effectively manufactured/produced?

  • Marketability (25%) -- Does the idea have practical applications? Is there a well-defined, significant market for its use?